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Focused on digitally-integrated, data-driven solutions.

Save Locale Media Group is Canada's leading direct mail company centered on digitally integrated data-driven results. Count on our professionals to create and curate successful direct mail for your company combined with our innovative digital marketing solutions. 
Save Locale blends the print experience with integrated digital solutions, paired with real-time performance tracking, providing you with an informative and focused results.

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Save Locale’s mission is to provide industry-leading integrated marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in our communities. Providing consumers and local businesses with high-quality direct mail solutions while focusing on digitally integrated data-driven results. We pride ourselves on utilizing our experience and knowledge to produce highly effective marketing for businesses that we know, like and trust.

Our Values


We have to take actions and make decisions in compliance with the highest level of service and quality. If our customers demand a high level of quality, we work according to the expected high standards. Perfection in our quality constantly improves our business as well as our performance.

Thriving in Change

Nowadays, we live in an ever-changing world. Living through uncertain times and global competition, businesses are having to find unique and creative ways to grow and scale their businesses. Our main objective at SLMG, is to create a new avenue for our clients do just that.
Under the "Risk Taking" section

Risk Taking

Marketing your business can be intimidating. In business as with life, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if your goal is to evolve and grow. Today's most profitable and respected brands are not afraid to take risks in their marketing. Success follows when we put action to words.

Open and Courageous Communication

Transparency and honesty in feedback is crucial for all of us to break the boundaries, constantly develop and improve what we do, and drive success in our businesses. We expect from each of our clients close and sincere communication which mirrors their actual thinking and opinions. We consider that accepting our weak points and asking for help is a part of our strength.
Honest feedback is crucial for all of us to break boundaries in all areas of life.


Our team works close together to create driven results, solve complex issues, and support each other in an ever-changing environment. Thinking and working together, we merge our power to deliver the best possible and ingenious solutions. We deliberately sustain a collaborative atmosphere where every team member’s idea is heard, considered, and appreciated so that all of our clients can get benefit from the final results.

Our Culture

Save Locale’s Culture is founded on respect first and foremost. Trust, integrity and teamwork are essential for each employee’s personal growth as well as growth within their workspace. We pride ourselves on the inclusion of diversity, education and life experience. Finally, Save Locale would not be successful without our team members' work-life balance to ensure that each person’s strengths, gifts and contributions are demonstrated while maintaining a healthy personal and familial life.

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