Direct Mail Marketing

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail allows you to target your audience according to location and demographic profile.
There are many different direct mail marketing pieces such as postcards, flyers, coupons, magazines, and more. While your audience is bombarded with digital messaging all day, direct mail breaks through in an authentic, unforeseen, nostalgic and tangible way.Some of the best ways to use direct mail for your brand include:

● To promote a deal, discount, offer or rebate to your exsisting target audience and potential clientele.● To update customers about upcoming events, loyalty milestones, rewards, and new service roll-outs.● To introduce your brand, product or service to a specific area and/or demographic.● To drive traffic to your website, online store, or social media profiles.
● To showcase a loyalty program or send a personalized thank you card to your existing customers.

The Current Direct Mail Opportunity

In general, direct mail performance and engagement continue to climb. According to Canada Post, 92% of individuals overviewed read direct mail, and 71% share it. Direct mail isn’t just an incredible opportunity for your brand – it’s a missed opportunity on the off chance that you don’t utilize direct mail as part of your integrated messaging strategy. If you want to drive traffic to your site or social profiles, keep in mind that the number of individuals wandering online after being prompted by an item of mail increased 88%.

So, what does this mean for results-oriented marketers?

It implies there’s an opportunity for you to get your messaging directly into the hands of your target audience – while they’re at home, receptive, and prepared to engage.