Targetting & Insights

Data-Driven Direct Mail

Here's more news for businesses! Direct mail can be leveraged with data. Comparable to digital marketing strategies, first-party customer records and third-party data can be utilized to assist you to target the proper individuals with the right message at the right time through the right channel.

As our inboxes get more cluttered, our mailboxes have become prime real estate once more. Technology has levelled up what’s conceivable with direct mail. Artificial Intelligence technology permits us to assist brands to learn more about their target audience. Tracking how a recipient interacts with a direct mail offer or whether it results in a call, item trial, or buy is easier than ever.

Save Locale Media Group (SLMG) helps you discover your target market utilizing demographic tools and precision targeting. We focus on traits such as family salary, home type, and family make-up.


Then, reach your customers in three different data-driven ways:


● Target customers who match your favoured geographic profile
 Reach every home, apartment, and businesses in a select neighborhood
 Convey quick-to-market campaigns effortlessly


● Apply geographic, statistic, and lifestyle insights to choose postal codes● Maximize investments by focusing on new clients only● Leverage postal code information to reach prospects who share the traits of your best clients


 Reach new potential customers● Deliver targeted marketing messages● Deepen connections with existing customers● Maximize customer loyalty initiatives


SLMG Insights

Our signature Insights Tool is our innovative analytics program that can measure your direct mail performance in real-time. This way, you can monitor and measure the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing efforts at a glance on your SLMG Insight dashboard.

Gain valuable insights into every customer, capturing every call, click, view and QR scan from direct mail.

Here are some of the ways SLMG Insight can help:

● Monitor changes from promoting efforts● Monitor performance metrics that highlight advertisement impact● Pinpoint the area of each QR Code scan, date, time and client details● Unique local number for call tracking on each campaign● Access results from unique and engaging QR mobile encounters with video, chat, digital coupons